Mayor Ocariz offers a press conference at Comando Simón Bolívar

Mayor Carlos Ocariz, of the Sucre Municipality in Eastern Caracas, referred to certain electoral irregularities that have been showing up during the day. Further on his broadcast message, Ocariz exposed a video where a man wearing a red shirt identified with the government party is seen assisting a woman that showed no evident sign of incapability that could justify her need of assistance. The situation on the video is said to have taken place in the Mara Municipality of Zulia State.

He later prompted electoral witnesses not to allow assisted votes unless the person shows clear signs of physical handicap when exercising his right to vote. Regarding illegal propaganda, he accused the governor of the State of Bolivar of broadcasting, on 60 radio stations, a live message showing support for the official candidate.

“We demand that Plan República and the National Electoral Council prevent these types of irregularities from happening” he declared later on his live television broadcast.


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